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1 | First step is to sign up on CRUX ECO's website. Fill the form with your personal data.

2 | After logged in and registered, choose the tours of your preference.

3 | Got your tours? Then choose how many people in each tour and click on BUY.

4 | This tour will be automatically add to your shopping cart.

5 | If you feel like buying more tours, keep adding tours to your shopping cart until you finish your purchase.

6 | To finish purchasing, you may click on the shopping cart icon and continue for checkout.

7 | A list with all your orders will apear on screen. Check if everything is exactly what you are looking for.

8 | Then just click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

9 | In the next screen you will inform your tour date and suggested time (we'll keep in touch to confirm the exact time).

10 | We'll be glad to have you and your family as our costumers.

Thanks and enjoy your adventure.



CRUX ECO was founded in 1998. We offer diferentiated leisure options with a wide range of activities in touch with nature, interacting in a sustainable way with the environment.


We are recommended by important national and international travel guides like Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, Rough Guides and, the Official Guide of Rio. We are also present in many reports from specialized adventure magazines like Go Outside and TV shows like Off and SporTV.


Our website is easy to use and the client may buy online, by their tablet or smartphone. Our web-commerce provides safety and convenience.


The adventure tour guides team in CRUX ECO has Rio's finest. The partners Marcelo Castro and Tina Murad are actives in the adventure tourism and sports market.

Marcelo was the president of the Rio de Janeiro Adventure Tourism Association (ACTA) and also the founder. He's a mamber of the Tijuca Nat. Park Council and Sugar Loaf Park Council.

Both of the partners did many expeditions around Brasil and worldwide. This know how is an important tool to help develop exclusive adventure tours to our customers.


The tours are really planned in advance so the customer has an unforgettable experience. The forms and waivers are important part on this planning process, as we guide ourselves by the informations given by our clients on the feedback.


The adventure outfitter works with a tool called Safety Management System. Our team use the SMS to minimize operational errors, identify new risks, finding ways to improve our services providing an adventure with quality and safety.


Every client has to fill an evaluation form to register their personal data and get to know all features of the tour. The customer has also to sign the insurance waiver below the evaluation form to assure their insurance coverage.


All tour guides has first aid knowledge to first respond an emergency. They all carry a first aid kit with tools to survive for the night or first respond an accident.

Obs.: It is good to acknowledge that no guide are suppose to give a client any medication or proceed with any invasive procedure (by brazilian laws).


We provide all gear necessary for the different activities. They are top notch high quality equipment, from well known brands and certified by the international standards institutions.


An adventure outfitter should support the ecological and social development of the poor areas around them. We do have a social work in Vidigal. It's called Centro de Montanha Vidigal.

The youngsters from Vidigal and Chacara do Céu are encouraged to practice mountain sports, preserving the local nature, looking with their own eyes what's going on on their forests and woods.


CRUX ECO works in accordance with safety brazilian standards for adventure tourism.

CRUX ECO is a 100% Brazilian company, we aim to satisfy its internal and external customers by adopting a continuous improvement process of developing their products inAdventure Tourism.

We seek to meet the legal requirements and there are others relating to the operation of adventure tourismas regards security issuesenvironmental issues and use of conservation areasbeyond best practices.

Our security policy aims minimizing the risks inherent in the concept of unpredictability of adventure while maintaining the physical and psychological integrity of persons directly and indirectly involved in the process of products operation, identifyingevaluating and controllingthese risks.

The difficulty level will be informed on the booking process and in practice the guide can change the script on behalf of the group security. A waiver should be read and signed before the start of the tour to confirm that the customer was presented to the Technical Standard "Information to Customers" - NBR 15286, as well as the risks inherent in this activity that he or she will be about to do.

CRUX ECO operates its tours according to the technical standards of ABNT (Brazilian Association Technical Standards), published for the adventure tourism market. 

This tour is recommended for people of a certain age (varies with activity), who wish to participate in adventure activities. If you have joint or spine problems, acrophobia (fear of heights), or had surgery or other medical intervention restricting physical activities, please inform the guide. If your case is the above and still want to tour, you are solely responsible for what will occur this decision.

Complete equipment, accredited guide and insurance waiverare included mandatory. Transportation, food, lodging are included in accordance with the reservation.

The CRUX ECO use the public rescue system. This is a remote location with difficult access, the medical response or rescue can be difficult.

The tours require mostly hiking or running shoes. We recommend light clothing, a small backpack for water and sunscreen.

People with visual or hearing disability can practice some of our activities. As well as people with limited mobility can do so (the guide will choose the best location for this special activity).

There are rules for minimum impact on outdoor activities. Guides are instructed to respect and follow the rules for minimum impact on the environment.


CRUX ECO works with the following cancellation policy:

  • Until 48 hours before the start of the activity: refund of 100% of the tour;
  • Until 24 hours before the start of the activity: refund of 50% of the tour;
  • After 24 hours before the activity or in case of no-show (cancel without prior information): no refund of the tour or recovery of 50% fee in case of afterwards payment .
  • For larger groups (more than 05 people) the cancellation refund will be 70% of the deposit, only possible until 72 hours before activity.


  • For online reservation: we do need only the acquisition of at least one single tour by credit card Once the purchase is confirmed we will receive (as well as you will) an instant e-mail from your bank confirming the purchase. Therefore, your reservation is automatically confirmed. We request a minimum of 24 hours in advance for the purchase of the tour in our e-commerce (using credit or debit card).
  • High season requires a minimum of 48h in advance to book the tour online.
  • For reservations by call center: via e-mail: or our phone lines, we demand 24 hours in advance. For less than 24 hours, the reservation must be made by telephone to check availability for last minute booking.
  • If reservation was made online and with less than 24h in advance, please contact our call center immediately, even after hours to confirm the tour availability.
  • We do have everyday availability for all tours and our tours are private.


Monday to friday: 8 am to 6 pm.

Saturday, sunday and holidays: 9 am to 3 pm