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About Us


CRUX ECO is an adventure tourism outfitter, with more than 20 years of experience. Offering a differenciated leisure option, all activities are linked to the nature, interacting sustainably with the environment. Our tours have daily availability and they are private and exclusive, so you have the total control of your tour. It means you can change the schedule, pick up time and so. The guides are bilingual, and they are ready to serve customers the best way possible. For large groups we do have special prices. For those who need a shuttle or private driver, we offer a differentiated high quality service.

We also develop Team Building to improve your team performance in company. Our crew organize corporate events with recreational and sports activities. One of our features is always work according to the customers needs.

CRUX ECO runs a Social Work called Vidigal Mountain Center, to include poor youngsters into Mountain Sports for free. They also learn how to preserve nature inside the favela they live, which are Vidigal and Chácara do Céu.

Our company is recommended by the best travel guides in the world, including Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Trip Advisor, Rio Official Guide ( and others. Always on the media, CRUX ECO is present in Go Outside Brasil magazine and other brazilian sports channels, like Canal Off and SporTv.

And to cover all ages, we have specials tours for kids, so the family can enjoy together a day outside with your kids, stress free. We have some characters to amuse the kids, they are called CRUXINHOS.



Graduated in Accounting at the University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, nowadays he is a certified Tour Guide and athlete supported by The North Face. Used to work in the actuarial accounting market giving rock climbing lessons on weekends. His passion for nature and sports made him leave his job in New York City to follow his true vocation: rock climbing and entrepreneurship. So in 1998, CRUX ECO was born. Now the company offers 10 different sports options and 50 differentiated tours.

Proud to be the head of the company's operations, which is thought and controlled to offer an unique experience to their clients.

Always active on the tourism trade and sports market, he was the president of ACTA (Carioca Association of Adventure Tourism) and entity's co-founder. Also member of the Advisory Boards of the Tijuca National Park and the Natural Monument of Pão de Açúcar complex.


Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Vitória – UFES, specialized in Graphic Design at the University of Cambridge and MBA in Marketing at FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation). Used to work for advertising agencies at the creation center for more than 20 years. Designed for Oi, Bob's, Club Med, GNT, Coca-Cola, CCAA, Tam Viagens, American Express, L'oreal, Rock in Rio, amongst others.

Nature sports was always part of her life. That's why in 2010 she decided to to change the focus of her carreer and dedicate herself to the marketing and new business of the company.

Together with her business associate Marcelo Castro, they made expeditions around Brasil and worldwide. This traveler know how allied with their professional experience help to create taylor-made personalized tours for clients and companies.



CRUX ECO was founded in 1998. We offer diferentiated leisure options with a wide range of activities in touch with nature, interacting in a sustainable way with the environment.


We are recommended by important national and international travel guides like Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, Rough Guides and the Official Guide of Rio ( We are also present in many reports from specialized adventure magazines like Go Outside and TV shows like Off and SporTV.


Our website is easy to use and the client may buy online, by their tablet or smartphone. Our web-commerce provides safety and convenience.


The adventure tour guides team in CRUX ECO has Rio's finest. The partners Marcelo Castro and Tina Murad are actives in the adventure tourism and sports market.

Nowadays, Marcelo was the president of the Rio de Janeiro Adventure Tourism Association (ACTA) and also the founder. He's a member of the Tijuca Nat. Park Council and Sugar Loaf Park Council.

Both of the partners did many expeditions around Brasil and worldwide. This know how is an important tool to help develop exclusive adventure tours to our customers.


The tours are really planned in advance so the customer has an unforgettable experience. The forms and waivers are important part on this planning process, as we guide ourselves by the informations given by our clients on the feedback.


The adventure outfitter works with a tool called Safety Management System. Our team use the SMS to minimize operational errors, identify new risks, finding ways to improve our services providing an adventure with quality and safety.


Every client has to fill an evaluation form to register their personal data and get to know all features of the tour. The customer has also to sign the insurance waiver below the evaluation form to assure their insurance coverage.


All tour guides has first aid knowledge to first respond an emergency. They all carry a first aid kit with tools to survive for the night or first respond an accident.

Obs.: It is good to acknowledge that no guide are suppose to give a client any medication or proceed with any invasive procedure (by brazilian laws).


We provide all gear necessary for the different activities. They are top notch high quality equipment, from well known brands and certified by the international standards institutions.


An adventure outfitter should support the ecological and social development of the poor areas around them. We do have a social work in Vidigal. It's called Centro de Montanha Vidigal.

The youngsters from Vidigal and Chácara do Céu are encouraged to practice mountain sports, preserving the local nature, looking with their own eyes what's going on on their forests and woods.